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The island of Cres is the biggest island in Croatia. It offers plenty of opportunities to fall in love with nature, stress-free living, architecture, gastronomy…

Cres is the biggest town on the island and its administrative centre. In the town you will find many places to relax, as well as places to feel adventure. You will be able to enjoy local delicacies, find out about the history or just enjoy the moment.

Whatever the reason you are visiting our island, Apartments Utmar are here to make your stay even more enjoyable.

During your stay, if you are not visiting any nearby villages and sites, you can leave your car parked the whole time.

A 10 minute stroll will take you to the town centre and all the rush, noise and bustle it offers. At the same tme, when you have had enough, you come back to the peace and quiet our neighbourhood offers.

The beach is even closer. It takes 2-3 minutes walking to enjoy the sun and the sea. Even if you forget something and have to back to the apartment, it is not a problem. Should you decide to stay longer near the beach, you can, tanks to the pine trees nearby that offer great shade.

In the vincinity you can find two restaurants and two grocery shops.

In the apartment you will find everything you need for a pleasant stay- bed linen, towels, plates, cups, pots…

Apartments Utmar, Cres




  1. Address: Grabar 35, 51557 Cres, Hrvatska
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  3. Phone: +385 98 887 201

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